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3 by stopping construction supplies from reaching the school.Local authorities claimed that these two cases “symbolise the criminal activities associated with evil forces usurping grassroots political control.” Zomché and Wangché, the leaders of two groups, were accused of “mobilising the support of a group of villagers to establish a ‘environmental protection committee’, which they later used to create a ’10-member committee’ and a ‘nine-member team’ to intefere with government activities and seize grassroots power to create hurdles in the implementation of government policy.” Since last year China has deepened the widespread and systematic campaign to weed out ‘organised crimes and other black and evil forces’, which has raised fears over potential human rights violations faced by human rights defenders and dissenters.The local regulations governing the campaign’s implementation in Tibet contain explicit references to Tibetan cultural expression and political dissent as criminal acts.For instance, in April this year, as the campaign gained momentum with the ongoing central government inspections across the country, nine Tibetans were sentenced from three to seven years in prison in Rebkong (Ch: Tongren) County, Malho (Ch: Huangnan) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province.

The highway project to Tsolung valley required the relocation four nomadic households one of which was Dugkar’s. Despite warnings from local authorities, Dugkar threatened to kill himself before leaving his land.The imprisonment of Tibetans were an attempt by local authorities to suppress a long-running land rights campaign led by villagers to reclaim community land expropriated by local government for a failed business enterprise and to neutralise the influence and authority of traditional village leadership system.On 23 May this year, the Lhasa Municipal Public Security Bureau announced at a press conference that “since the beginning of this year, [the Lhasa PSB] has cracked down on illegal organizations 4 times, 14 dangerous security cases, investigated and handled 9 administrative cases, registered 21 criminal detentions, 15 administrative detentions, and 174 education and training.Unable to rein in Dugkar, the authorities gave up and built the highway around his house.This victory in the highway project however made him a soft target in the eyes of the local authorities.

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