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It’s also worth noting that Polly Pocket compacts and sets made by Bluebird Toys are worth more; Mattel purchased the company in 1998, after which the value of the toys drops.Generally compacts seem to run between : No longer quite so pocket-sized, today’s Polly Pocket sets run between .99 and .86.Yesterday, Bustle conducted an investigation to find out roughly how much a vintage American Girl doll is worth today.Inspired by a piece by Buzz Feed that found many of the dolls and play sets available for auction on e Bay for upwards of 0, Pamela took a look around herself to see what she could find — and the results were… Sure, there are a few mint-condition dolls with their full accessory sets and books going for insane prices, but odds are, most of us have much-loved dolls that will only fetch about .

Oh, and just for the record, if you have any Beanie Babies with misprinted tags, that’s a surefire way to drive the price up. With a misprinted tag, he goes for ,000: At the height of the original Tamagotchi craze (circa 1996 to 1998), I remember seeing listings for them on e Bay, which was new at the time, for hundreds of dollars.

It’s almost as if the #Me Too movement sprouted a new branch, one that weighs heavier by the hour as we unload our thoughts on hookup culture, communication and what does and does not signify sexual assault — that conversation has focused on grown men, but it is of a piece with a separate debate about tickling and consent.

A lot of the Facebook comments, op-eds, thinkpieces and tweets about #Me Too end on the same questions: the The answer to those questions are both simple and complicated and there are many excellent writers who have addressed then already.

(Except my brother, who hyperventilates to the point of incapacitation when he gets tickled.

As a younger sister, it was my one and only weapon while play-fighting as a kid.)In light of #Me Too, I would challenge us to look at tickling with a little more circumspection.

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Because what kid doesn’t want to see what their furry friend would look like if he was kidnapped and shaved for medical experimentation?

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