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Shut your mouth back the fuck off and have some respect.Let her pass with dignity now not attached to ur smutty name. Disgusting little girl.1.5 million friends on the doomed social networking site and her profile had been gawked at a record 50 million times.Like everything on the internet, Tila learned that her trashy variety of fame—one that had no talent to back it up—was fleeting indeed.

It was like with a love connection, Wi Fi, and a webcam.Season two winner Kristy Morgan must have recognized this, because she turned down her "shot at love" when it was offered to her.Through this whole ordeal, we played along with the Tila persona, gasping at the insane antics she instigated on television, but after two seasons, we were already sick of playing this game.The hosting gig on was given to a pair of bisexual twins, the latest hottentots to come down the pike.Say what you want about Tila, but she has always been easily replaceable.

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Raised in a Buddhist temple, the Vietnamese teenager soon rebelled against her strict upbringing, ...

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