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“It's a lot like singers on the TV show ‘The Voice,’” said Trichon.

People just want to be loved by someone who understands them.” Trichon said the idea for keeping photos of potential matches initially hidden came from being set up on a blind date himself. He has been working on Inrstellar since 2018 and gathered friends and colleagues to work on the app, which is free to download on the App Store and Google Play.

Rather than let it get the best of him though, Trichon decided to use the experience to fuel an idea that combined his marketing degree from the University of Pittsburgh and his current computer science coursework at Pitt: a judgment-free online dating application.

“The dating scene had changed a lot since I last started dating,” he said.

“We didn’t know what we looked like before we met in person, but we knew that the other was a motivated person who had goals and values,” he said. The team also consists of computer science students Josh Jaslow, Bryan Malumphy and Ian Hesner.

The team works on the app in Sennott Square during their down time.

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