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If you copied homebrew applications into the apps folder of the SD card, you'll see them here; otherwise, you'll see a screen with bubbles floating on it.Press home on the remote, then select exit to go to the main Wii menu. If it's any help I have a wiikey installed and I do updates, must admit i always hold my breath when updating but always seems to be fine.

Hii, I am soon going to be installing a clip on wiikey v2 and i am not sure of the Do's and Do Not Do's... As a bonus of having the wiikey2, as long as you haven't updated to 4.0 you can run the Zelda hack using a backup of Zelda if you like. The "any region" of wiikey2 is not universal (there is a compatibility list somewhere out there, google should find it easily) – Gecko OS has a larger compatibility list. I got no internet connected up so via game disk or via DVD? What are the potential problems of updating with a chipped Wii? Am i able to play all region games on my PAL Wii with Wiikey v2 installed? I installed the homebrew channel and Gecko OS and it happily plays Wii Fit PAL and Wii Play PAL.If the Wii is new and you have no messages, create a memo on the Wii.To create a memo, select the envelope inside a circle located in the lower-right corner of the main menu.

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A loading screen appears, followed by a black screen with white text telling you to demand your money back if you paid for this software.

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