Updating heating cowls

Multiple cowls on the same stack should not increase the fitting price for standard designs, although very high or hard to reach chimney stacks may increase costs if the installer needs to set up multiple times.

Obviously if scaffolding is required that will also be an added extra.

A lot of common chimney cowls for stopping bird entry, rain entry or anti downdraught can be bought as which is great but again make sure at final checkout you haven’t navigated to one specifically for a particular fuel type that you don’t own.

The next step is to make sure you are working on the correct flue and pot.

To stop bird entry – Birds can not only be a nuisance and enter the house through open fireplaces potentially damaging decorations and furnishing at great cost, but can also be hazardous when blocking the free flowing escape of deadly carbon monoxide gases from gas fires.

Mix ups like this can be dangerous so don’t take chances watch the video below.

This is why it is of top importance to have the flue installed by a trained professional (a registered engineer), who knows everything about current safety and health regulations.

Gas boiler flue regulations tend to change from time to time.

If the draw is too little two common methods of fixing this are with a ‘spinning’ cowl or alternatively a ‘self adjusting’ cowl, often called ‘wind directional’ cowl. To stop downdraught – Down draught is normally a sporadic problem often caused by wind direction (most often the North).

Tell tale signs with solid fuel chimneys like coal or wood are puffs of air / smoke being blown back down again.

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A chimney cowl is normally a metal attachment that fixes to the top of a chimney pot to enhance or improve the basic function of the chimney pot or chimney flue, these improvements could be for example…

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