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Blob fields are not having the problems you describe, dan. Eg simply before calling REPORT FORM you create an image object via Image1 = Create Object("Image")In the report ole/picture control in the general tab you set:1.

control source type: check "expression or variable name"2. if source and frame are different sizes "scale contents, retain shape"In the detail band, which contains the Ole/Image report control, open the properties general tab of that detail band and in "run expresseion", "on entry" enter: EXECSCRIPT("Image1.

But if you already have data in blobs and are happy with it, I don't see a reason to make such a step away from it. Many Many thanks OLAF you're ACE Olaf, you are correct.

It may help in making that report easier, but an unknown number of forms needs to be changed then to the use of pictures vs blob fields. My mind saw blob and immediately translated it to general.

Blob only has the disadvantage of file size, memo bloat, which fourletr already adressed in the initial post. Why oh why can't we get this sort of information in some sort of Help File/Manual/Wiki ??

It's true that even in SQL Server, the development goes into seperate storage of such binary files as pictures via filestream storage attribute of blob fields. I've spent hours "fiddling" around trying to get this to work and now it does.

I personally have never experienced such corruption but I've had clients who can do it at will.

Thus far, we've looked at how data can be retrieved from SQL Server in XML format, but we haven't talked about how to update SQL Server data using XML.

And if you don't setup the resizing you probably will not see pictures, they are stored with a resolution in pixels, but - what's often forgotten - also with a pixel resolution in dpi (dots per inch) of the typical 96 dpi a monitor has.Pict File)* --- Copy To 'Standardized' Location With New Filename ---SET SAFETY OFFc Report Form Img = "C:\Report\Image\Image.jpg"COPY FILE (c JPGFile) TO (c Report Form Img)* --- Run Report ---SELECT This Person REPORT FORM My Report NOCONSOLE TO PRINTMy problem is finding the correct settings in the VFP report writer.I can't find a way to link the Blob to the OLE picture field.Using general or blob fields to display the actual graphic data has not worked well...so if your data is already contained in a blob field you would have to generate your report by creating a standalone temporary graphic file from the blob data.... a division of Am Tech Software not use Blob fields. The only reason it works for you so far is that you've had lucky software installed.

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I agree with the others that you should avoid Blob fields.

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