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Turn on your Play Station 3 and open “Settings,” then “System Update.” Select “Install via Storage Device.” Select your memory stick as the storage device. I'll go over the steps involved in replacing the stock hard drive in a Playstation 3 with a larger one.Carefully remove that screw and put it somewhere safe.Next, fold out the little wire handle and use it to slide the entire hard drive tray to the right. There are four screws holding the actual hard drive in the tray.Put that little blue screw back in place, replace the cover and your done! A message will pop up telling you to format your new drive, just follow the onscreen instructions.If you backed up to an external hard drive beforehand, plug your drive in, go to System Settings Restore and follow the prompts.Once connected to your Play Station 3, you can choose to update the firmware from a portable storage medium. He has advanced studies in mathematics, probability, business and economics.This will allow you to install your own custom firmware to your gaming console. When he's not freelance writing he enjoys golfing, bowling and poker.

That little guy is what's holding the hard drive tray in place.I avoided doing this for a long time because I was under the assumption that it would void my warranty.Surprisingly, Sony not only allows such modifications, they it. Hard drives have come down in price significantly, so a huge drive is pretty affordable.Once its all the way to the right, pull it towards you and slide it out. From what I can tell, these screws are made out of butter.If you breathe on them while taking them out, they will strip. Just take your time and make sure your screwdriver matches up closely with the screw head. With a small pair of needle nose pliers and a little patience, you can turn the screw out.

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