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Sample job Stream to run the Batch Interface: //DMBATCH EXEC PGM=DMBATCH, PARM='YYSLYNN' //STEPLIB DD DISP=SHR, DSN=CD. The major components of CONNECT: Direct OS/390 are: - Data Transmission Facility (DTF), which executes user commands and processes.- Application Program Interface (API), which enables user interfaces to communicate with the DTF.EDIValidator goes one step further and validates the format of a data element based on the value of another data element.This is for situations where the format of an element changes based on the value of another element in the same segment.- DMBATCH processing of the SUBMIT is asynchronous; the batch job is notified of a successful SUBMIT, but not whether the COPY itself is executed.- The first command in the instream must be a SIGNON command.The CONNECT: Direct process can include many automation options. The RUN JOB statement allows a job to be submitted through the JES Internal Reader.

Welcome to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Documents Home Page.The RUN TASK statement is designed so that the process waits until the task completes before the next process step executes. The SUBMIT statement allows another process to be submitted to either node. all of which are available for licensed customers online at under Customer Support, Support on Demand.For more information, please refer to the following documents: - CONNECT: Direct OS/390 Administration Guide. The Process you submit resides in the CONNECT: Direct Public Process Library, allocated to the DMPUBLIB DD statement in the DMBATCH JCL.Custom data types can also be created using regular expressions Minimum and Maximum Data Lengths Violation of the minimum or maximum length of an element can cause EDI files to be rejected. Inter-Segment Rules (Self Rules) Segment data element relationship requirements are an extremely useful feature of the EDIValidator.However they enforce element usage regardless of element values.

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