Validating domain

The first step in the validation process requires that we verify your control of all domain names in the certificate.

Secure Trust™ offers several validation methods: email, DNS, and domain beacon.

We can accept the following types of documentation: If your business has no legal documentation, or you would like to use your own personal name on your digital certificate, we will need a copy of your driver's license, government-issued identification, or passport.

Large organizations are continuously updating DNS records to perform domain validation and revalidation, which requires constant communication with various server and DNS administrators.

Email-based verification using WHOIS data has always been very popular due to its ease of use.

A CA could check a domain WHOIS record, locate the owner's email address and send out a confirmation email to validate a domain.

This opens a web page where the person clicks one button to validate the domain(s).

Secure Trust can validate your domain(s) by providing you a unique code to place in your domains' DNS record.

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If you choose this method, you select who receives the email from a set of email addresses that includes addresses listed in the domain's DNS SOA record.

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