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Visual Basic does not allow you to author methods with reference return values, but it does allow you to consume and modify the reference return values.This VBA tutorial section provides an overview of our dozens of VBA tutorial and programming examples.If i hit the up arrow key it selects the end date box and if i hit the down arrow key it selects the combo box below it. Private Sub text End Date_Before Update(By Val Cancel As MSForms. Text) End With End If End Sub Private Sub text Start Date_Before Update(By Val Cancel As MSForms.

Frank Private Sub text Start Date_After Update()'' Error check to make sure date is correct.' If Is Date(text Start Date. Have a look at FAQ219-2884 or FAQ222-2244 Hi again.For example, I'm checking if the input is valid and between a min and max range by creating a function to return a true or false value based on the values entered.The reason I'm using a function is because I'm doing multiple similar checks and I figured rather than rewriting it out again, this was the best way to do this task. I was returning true and false the wrong way around it appears because I needed to continue the loop it needed to be true where it would usually be false in regular validation.NET 2012 keywords, iterators, caller info attributes Visual Basic, Visual Studio .NET 2010Auto-implemented properties, collection initializers, implicit line continuation, dynamic, generic co/contra variance, global namespace access Visual Basic / Visual Studio .

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