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All in all, totally fun game, and D3 did pretty much the best it possibly could with the subject material and format.

There will always be hits and misses when it comes to games based upon existing properties.

It's hard for fans to not appreciate the boys of Vampire Knight falling in love with you as you play Yuuki.

And since everyone is voiced but her, you get the anime cast whispering sweet nothings through your tiny DS speaker.

Desperate for food, Yagari started shooting at the birds when he suddenly realised...

There is no point shooting at the birds with an anti-vampire gun.

It's really a great game, and I highly recommend it. Vampire Knight's premise lends itself to a dating game with a bit more action and interactivity, and D3 actually steps up.

I've always been a big fan of manga and anime, but vampire knight was by far the best, in my opinion.

Although some of the episodes are bizarre in this game, it was very fun, all in all.

But instead you get Zero coming to bless them....o_OAnyway, I realised one thing about this game, apparently whoever is the second most intimate to you, he will become the person that appears to say stuff to you when your main bishie confesses.

Hearing how scary his voice sounded, I kept justifying and say Ichijou had been very kind and supportive and that is why I am attracted to him.

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