Vietnamese dating game show

But despite the easiness there are plenty of pitfalls.

Many mistakes are due to cultural differences but a lot of men make critical mistakes when they use Ymeet Me. Registration for Ymeet Me is very easy by using Facebook, Gmail account or your mobile phone number and straightforward both on website or app but we think App is better than website because in Ymeet Me App you can switch language from VNese to English to use.

For example using a sub photo or sending wrong opening messages. On their welcome screen, you’ll find the registration button in the center of the screen.

On the first time you login, you need to fill in your name, gender, age, your photo…. Now you’re ready to start talking to thousands of hot Vietnamese women!

Getting some general ideas about the norms and social values of Vietnam will be possible in case you remain updated with the site.First, we recommend to fill out your profile with some more information.Try to add as much details as possible – that’ll help Ymeet Me match you with the girls.At the very least, make sure to have a short description, your age and location.Your profile photo is the most important part of your Ymeet Me profile.

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