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Every culture in the world has its own unique set of funny stories and punch lines, and jokes are a great way of immersing yourself in the silly side of French. Although the French may appear to be super serious and all about culture and the arts, deep down, they’re really just a bunch of jokers.

We love jokes just as much as the next guy, and as it turns out, they can be really helpful when you’re learning a language!

Telling a joke in French is a great way to loosen up and to allow the people around you to relax, too.

Making others laugh works wonders for your confidence, and will make conversations down the line much easier.

Above all, we learn languages because we love them.

While it’s important to watch out for the technical side of French, that’s not to say that the language can’t be fun.

Toto est à l’école et demande s’il peut aller au WC. Puis, elle demande à Toto, “Où est le plus grand fleuve du monde ?Picking up a French joke or two will teach you a ton about the language and might just make you giggle, too. In the French language, the exclamation oh purée is used as a way of showing shock, or saying “goodness! )If you have young children, or know any who speak French, this is a really great joke to know and use.” At the same time, purée, if you’re talking about food, is the French word for “mashed.” So one little potato is run over by a car, and in response, the other says “oh my goodness / mashed potato.” Clever wordplay, and surely worth telling! One of the more purely silly jokes, it’s a wonderful example of French playfulness and wry humor.True to form, Toto misunderstands his teacher’s question and, as a result, makes a fool of himself.It just goes to show how careful you have to be when speaking French—you don’t know what will trip you up next!

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But why are jokes such an important part of the French language?

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