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name sounds familiar, it is also the parent company for the likes of Vans and Timberland, among others.

Despite the bankruptcy in the early ’90s and the wheeling and dealing that followed, The North Face emerged as a veritable cultural force in addition to being a high-performance mountaineering brand.

Throughout the ‘70s the brand emerged as a favorite among outdoor aficionados and introduced skiwear to its offering as the decade wore on.

While technically not a distinct arm of the company, The North Face’s collaborative projects deserve some attention when it comes to defining the brand’s many identities.

The ’80s saw important developments for The North Face.

For the uninitiated, it can be confusing to walk into the local The North Face retailer and not find the Purple Label bag you were hoping to get your hands on.

So, when unpacking the many identities of The North Face, where does one even start?

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