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It used to be you'd note the similarities between yourself and another, and if you found enough of them, you'd rate the chances that you'd like and get along with the other person as greatly improved. It's not those boring, lame old similarities we're supposed to be on the look out for, it's the differences.Root out those differences and then sit back and revel in them. I'm curious about how all this applies to the world of dating.There is no "western man's downfall." Save muslim extremists, western culture is the least yielding. Westerners bring their mentalities and culture to the fringes of the world. For the large part, immigrants cooperate and assimilate.Current affairs and isolated incidents tarnish the success that diversity has achieved in the US.Differences have always, at every time in every place, caused people to be more wary of each other than they would if they were more similar.Historians - probably Chinese historians, since Europeans' inability to see diversity for the sham it is will shortly destroy them - will wonder how a people at the zenith of their powers not only succumbed to such unadulterated illogic, but how they came to be so attached to it that they defended it with a religious fanatacism all the while it destroyed them from within.

In most professional fields, rank and prestige are what stratify, not race.A thousand years from now Western man's downfall - or even his very existence - will be considered a myth, because the Chinese who will almost certainly be ruling the world by then, will simply refuse to believe such stupidity was ever possible. How can modern people like us permit women/men to go around judging simply based on our looks? The very next piece of legislation we have to pass is that every female/male approached by a male/female must allow him/her two hours of her/his time at a restaurant of his/her choosing; no matter who the girl, no matter who the guy.Anything else would simply let women's/men's age-old prejudices rule the day, and we're simply too modern to stand for that any longer.And conversely, few things arouse greater fury than speaking negatively about it. In recent times, diversity efforts have kicked up another gear still.It's now not sufficient to simply have diversity - if you're white, to be surrounded by other races, as many as is possible - we have to, we're told, celebrate it. I'm not sure of all the particulars, but one way - a way in which advocates are very keen on - is to learn all about our differences and then celebrate those differences; which, I take it, means celebrate the fact those differences exist.

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