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In defense of the women of our city, we've compiled some things to help Patti get over her apparent culture shock... Some New York Women Have Curly Hair And you can't order them to straighten it. Patti's only qualifications for a match for Bryce were pretty much "Jewish" and "good dad".Keith is going to make a perfect husband someday, heck, we have friends we'd want to set him up with! Patti got mad at Bryce for acting aloof at the mixer.It sounds shallow, but it also makes sense: is Keith going to feel comfortable accompanying Bryce to events across the city, and is their relationship going to work if he stays home in the Bronx grading papers while she goes out every night to maintain her busy social life and promote her company? (We feel like we need to point out that the girls approaching the male millionaire in gaggles were all from neighboring states--New York.) 5.

New York women probably have better taste in Fashion than their male counterparts.The figure program at The Fire Arts Center stresses mastery of the classical techniques of sculpting the humans form in clay and wax.Students are also given the choice of casting finished work in plaster, or firing them in their original terracotta clay.We have a different set of goals, interests, and standards.She hasn't at all readjusted her business practices to fit her new city, and it shows. Ok, so last night's millionairess, Bryce Gruber, was a little bit cold last night. Patti set her up with an adorable, sweet Middle School math teacher named Keith.

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