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And may we say…if anyone can wear red better than her, let us know.This is so typical of her that we can’t compare anything else to it.Many stars stay where they are comfortable, never making it to the latter decades or even centuries.We hate to break it to the newer stars, but Christina Applegate is not one of those women. It may not have been her first job, but it most definitely launched her career.In 2015, she finally revealed what happened that night she ditched the current “hottest man in the world.” She didn’t reveal who he was, but she said that he wasn’t an actor, but he was famous.

But even more than that, she’s looking good, battling health conditions, and showing us that you don’t have to lose your relevance just because you’re no longer 22.Given the vibe and toned-down hair, we’re going with mid-nineties here.The hair is way too smooth and flat to be in the ‘80s but her age is definitely under 30.That leaves the mid-nineties or possibly anywhere in the ‘90s.Anyway, it’s almost as if Christina Applegate was the first one to give us this dark aura that is so alluring.

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