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He is accused of joining Sharper in the rape of the cheerleader and another woman that night in the former NFL player’s condo.On Friday, Sharper’s attorneys announced they had wrapped similar cases in four states and federal charges in New Orleans together in a global plea deal for the retired NFL star, details of which are expected to be unveiled in a Los Angeles courtroom on Monday.

Sharper, who has been in jail since January 2014, retired from the NFL in 2011 after a 14-year career with the Green Bay Packers, the Minnesota Vikings, and the Saints, where he won a Super Bowl.

Her accusation would be the first of several eerily similar accounts from women who said Sharper or a friend of his, Brandon Licciardi, had raped them in New Orleans, in what authorities later alleged was a well-plotted scheme involving cocktails of drugs and alcohol.

A third man, former Morton’s Steakhouse waiter Erik Nunez, also faces aggravated rape and obstruction charges.

She still looked disoriented to Stafford.“None of it sat right with me,” Stafford said.

The next morning, Stafford’s friend woke up to find a naked Sharper on top of her, she told police shortly after heading to the hospital for a rape exam.

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