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And King seems to be taking the chance to address the controversial ending of the final book, hinting that the Horn of Eld, an object of mysterious significance in the story, will be in Roland's possession in this version. And under Arcel, the film has miraculously gone into shooting in South Africa, with pictures of Idris Elba in full gunslinger gear already in circulation. The largest part of that book is given over to a story of Roland's youth, including his graduation to being a full Gunslinger and his first adventure, which takes him to a small Western-style town where he meets evil cowboys, a deadly witch and his aforementioned one true love, Susan.

I think the world should see that, too.’ ”But a decade later, Mr.Along the way, he forms a new ka-tet with Jake, Eddie, Susannah and a billy-bumbler called Oy (a raccoon-like creature with the limited ability to speak).They face off against the Crimson King – a supernatural being who turns out to be involved in many of King's stories – and his minions, going through various trials in Mid-World and 20th-century New York City, and foil plots to destroy the Tower along the way.For starters, we have 'ka-tet', which refers to the series' heroes – it's the equivalent of the Fellowship in .Leading the ka-tet is everyone's favourite James Bond hopeful Idris Elba as Roland Deschain, the eponymous Gunslinger of the first book in the series.

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