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"That bodyguard was very interesting because they actually shared a room — I don't know if I'm supposed to say that — so he was around a lot," she told What's especially interesting here?Moore's accusation lines up with Jon Gosselin's claim, with both alleging that Kate and Neild shared hotel rooms.Or is there another, possibility more salacious reason? Supposedly, Gina Downie Neild, Steve's wife, issued her husband a tough ultimatum that inspired his departure.

In a nutshell, Jon publicly accused Kate of sharing hotel rooms with Neild during trips.

That being said, Moore might be bitter about how Kate handled being firing on : "It should have been Kenya [Moore]." Shots fired, y'all.

No matter who is in the right here, the whole thing is pretty entertaining.

"Right off the bat, somebody that can withstand the chaos and the noise in my house," Kate said in 2015 about her ideal partner, according to Although Jon eventually found love with his girlfriend Colleen Conrad, Kate is single at the time of this writing. We have to mention, of course, the ongoing rumors regarding the relationship she allegedly has with her former bodyguard, Steve Neild.

Ever since Neild stepped onto the scene around 2009, there have been whisperings about the nature of their relationship, despite the fact that he's married with two kids. Kate has denied the speculation, but the rumor mill picked up again in June 2019, when she was spotted out with Neild in New York City. The sighting occurred shortly after Kate launched her dating show, Before we dive deep into the rumors behind Kate Gosselin's alleged affair with Steve Neild, let's first explore why she needed his services in the first place.

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