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and said, "Going into it [the show], I was in a point with my relationship where I felt like I was suffocating and losing my identity." She added, "I had my friends and family all telling me I was losing myself, I wanted a new environment, fresh perspective, therapy and a chance to be in a heightened environment and observe other people's process." Because the reality show was filmed over a short period of time, O'Day said she didn't leave with all the answers she was looking for, but she learned an invaluable lesson, adding, "I learned that you should never lose yourself in someone else for love and not to diminish my shine to make someone more comfortable," she said."And that if they expect you to, you need to run." Their relationship lasted from early 2016 until July 2017, and Aubrey O'Day later described the duration of their romance as "torturous." Even Pauly D was shocked by her description, calling it "an interesting word" in an interview with Ironically enough, while O'Day felt tortured, Pauly D pointed out that he was the one who eventually pulled the plug on their relationship.They filmed me at the gym, filmed me tanning and filmed me going to the club. I never really auditioned." According to TIME, "We're guessing Pauly D got the spot [instead of Nicole Polizzi or Michael Sorrentino] because he genuinely seems fun and easy to get along with.He's not known for diva antics like The Situation and doesn't appear a drunken mess at times, like Nicole and Michael do." After numerous rumors, on August 11, 2011, Pauly D confirmed to XXL that he had signed a three-album deal with 50 Cent's labels G-Unit Records & G-Note Records and that he will also be releasing headphones under the label. He has stated that his being chosen for Jersey Shore had nothing to do with his music, but that they instead sent him a Myspace message after liking his look.After he sent them his number, "The casting directors called me from LA and they said they wanted to send down a camera crew to Rhode Island to film a day in my life.With O'Day living in Los Angeles and Pauly D a resident of Las Vegas, they were able to stay connected in a rather peculiar way. Like, whenever something happens, I wanna tell her."We talk every 20 minutes," Aubrey told Pauly D was down for the constant contact at the time, too, chiming in with: "I want to know what she's got going on. She's the first person I want to tell." That's sweet and all, but just a wee bit excessive by any standard.

We're sure somewhere, Ronnie and Sammi are getting back together for the 47th time.

The latest trailer for the series shows Paul “Pauly D” Del Vecchio in a Las Vegas wedding chapel flanked by an Elvis impersonator, with an announcement of “Mr. that he was currently single.“Now, I’m even pickier when I pick women to actually meet [my daughter] or my mother — only certain ones will meet them,” he said. You’re supposed to not look for her, she’s supposed to just come, so I’m hoping that happens.” Season 1, the cast attempted to find a woman to date the DJ with no success.

” The 38-year-old DJ appears in the quick clip, with only his arms and torso visible in an official teaser trailer posted to the show’s official Instagram page.

"We were still strangers by the end and now we live together. He knows that and we made sure that's the page we were both on in the beginning." Amazingly, Pauly didn't just shout out, "Busted big time!

We had to find ways to communicate where we weren't offending each other or triggering each other." At that point in the interview, Pauly D chimes in, and we're pretty sure he thinks "communicating" is a euphemism for boning: "I never communicated so much in my life! " and bolt for the door: "We're looking forward to the next steps," says the 36-year-old DJ.

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Believe it or not, it's been almost two years since we first learned that Pauly D and Aubrey O'Day are dating.

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