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Also, some foreign words are accepted but some aren’t.

Some players have used it against me, but when I place it I'm told it's invalid.

It gets where we see the same ad over and over and it is frustrating. The badges are a nice touch and they make you want to get more points.

There are a couple of games that I have seen the ads for about 1,000,000,000 times. I will never download those games just because I have seen the ads far too much. The other little games in the game such as collecting things to get a new box is also fun. But, the dictionary often has words that it says it cannot define.

I often play while waiting in a waiting room or while watching TV with other people. I go into a high anxiety panic trying to silence this ad that I didn’t even want to see!

Also, suddenly all the ads are 30 seconds long and you can’t get past them.

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