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If the scammers, limited swipes, and zero search options aren’t enough for you.

So yes, I would pay for a Ukrainian dating site but only if: So we already have some articles on this particular Ukrainian dating site, if you are interested in that.

But then you have us at Ukraine Living to guide you through the hell of scam-y websites.

So if Ukrainian Tinder is nothing like Tinder in the West, your strategy should change, too. I would never tire of saying that – Eastern European girls want you to do the planning.

Ukrainian women are nothing like their Western counterparts, remember?

And so Tinder in Ukraine is nothing like the Tinder you know.

Some would call Mamba the Russian (and Ukrainian) Tinder, but honestly, it almost feels like a social media.

There are people from all over Eastern Europe and it is as local as you can get about dating (when you are outside Ukraine).

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That’s great because you know that the women you meet off Ukraine Date are not interested in flings and you also instantly know if they are interested in relocating.

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