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If all else fails, or if you’re starting late, you can always practice these talks with your partner or a friend.

Judith Steinhart, a New York-based Sexologist and Sexual Health Educator, explains that teaching consent should start young with kids.

Most of us grew up in a time before webcams and certainly before cell phone cameras, so the whole idea of kids sexting or sending sexy photos to one another is foreign to us.That was all I had until I reached junior high and was forced to take Sex Ed as a unit of my health class, taught by our white-bearded gym teacher; he was basically Santa Claus in basketball shorts showing microscope slides of gonorrhea.These days, most parents understand that a book in a paper bag does not count as sex education, but we’re often confused about what is the right age to have “The Talk” with kids. One talk, even if it’s a good one, can’t adequately arm your kids with the information they need to navigate our complicated modern world in a healthy way.Teach them to ask their friends before hugs or rough-housing.Remind them that their body belongs to them, and that they can say “no” to anybody.

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